Are you addicted to bacon?

Are you addicted to bacon?

In ancient times, bacon was used to clothe the rich and heal the poor. Today, it is considered the greatest, most delicious food in existence. Take this quiz and find out how addicted you are to the world's greatest pork enchantment.

  • 1.

    Have you ever eaten a meal that consisted entirely of bacon?

    13 questions remain
  • 2.

    Do you ever add bacon bits to your baked potato or salad?

    12 questions remain
  • 3.

    How often do you eat bacon?

    11 questions remain
  • 4.

    Have you ever eaten bacon with dessert? Such as a donut topped with bacon or bacon ice cream?

    10 questions remain
  • 5.

    When eating out, do you often decide what to order based on whether or not the dish contains bacon?

    9 questions remain
  • 6.

    What do you think of this photo?
    Bacon Burger

    8 questions remain
  • 7.

    If you had to give up either chicken or bacon for the rest of your life, which would you give up?

    7 questions remain
  • 8.

    If you had to give up either caffeine or bacon for the rest of your life, which would you give up?

    6 questions remain
  • 9.

    Have you ever had bacon on pizza?

    5 questions remain
  • 10.

    Have you ever had anything wrapped in bacon, such as scallops or tomatoes?

    4 questions remain
  • 11.

    Do you fry your eggs in leftover bacon grease?

    3 questions remain
  • 12.

    When eating bacon, how many pieces do you typically consume?

    2 questions remain
  • 13.

    "This could use some bacon." How often does this phrase enter your mind?

    1 questions remain
  • 14.

    If drinking bacon grease was scientifically proven to lower cholesterol, improve physical agility, and make you better at trigonometry - would you drink it?

    final question!

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