Beans And Rice: The Best Recipe Recipe

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Beans And Rice: The Best Recipe Recipe
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1. Cut up the onion into small pieces, along with the pepper.2. Saute in a small-medium sized pot, with some olive oil you can just drizzle enough on the onion and pepper to cover, or you can measure out in tablespoons, it's according to how much oil you want to use)3. Add at least 1/4 of salt ( I use sea salt) or more4. Add pepper (I usually just use a pepper shaker and shake it about 10 times, sometimes more)Saute on low heat until veggies are soft5. Add half a can of tomato sauce, followed by can of black beans. Let it come to a quick boil, then reduce heat to low or simmer. The longer you let it simmer, the more flavorful the dish. Stir occasionally.*You can use any kind of beans, I just prefer black beansServe with rice. Enjoy.*This is a simple dish. You can adjust any of the ingredients according to taste!


  • 1 can of organic black beans (Eden
  • Shari Ann's
  • etc.) 1 small onion half of red or green pepper (whichever you prefer) (or a little of each) half of a small (8 oz) can of Hunts Tomato sauce (Hunts is vegan) olive oil salt and pepper

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