Extremely Ok Tofu Salsa Wraps (with Mango) Recipe

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Extremely Ok Tofu Salsa Wraps (with Mango) Recipe
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for filling: Cut the tofu into small pices or crumble it, into chunks about the size of skinny dice. Slice mango into slightly bigger pieces. Heat a wok or frying pan over meduim heat and add oil, swirling unitl hot. Add tofu and stir for about two minutes, until the tofu is slightly browned. Add the mango and continue stirring for another 30 seconds. Now put in the salsa and the water and stir until all is coated with the salsa and cover, lowering the heat to medium low.for wraps: Combine flour, baking powder, sea salt and cornstarch in a medium bowl. Mix together water and lemon juice and add a little at a time to the flour, stirring until the dough will combine but isn't sticky; empty onto an oiled surface and knead for a minute. Divide into three or four portions and roll flat. Cook over slightly lower than medium heat, flipping constantly until cooked. Don't let the wraps brown or they will stiffen.finis:Cook the filling until liquid is absorbed. Lay cheese on the center ofthe wrap; cover with filling and wrap. Lay the wrap, cheese side down, on a medium low hot frying pan for about a minute, moving it a little so that the wrap doesn't stick. Now ready for consumption.note: an addition of black beans is also really good. Add with mango.


  • 1 package firm tofu a bit of oil 1 cup salsa - hot like you like it 1/2 cup water 1 ripe mango (ptional) a few slices of vegan cheese (optional) 3 cups whole wheat flour - must be whole wheat 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon sea salt 1 tablespoon cornstartch 1 cup hot water 1 teaspoon lemon juice - preferably fresh and strained

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