How much do you know about steak?

How much do you know about steak?

Think you know your steak? Test your knowledge here.

  • 1.

    To cook beef medium rare, what temperature (in Fahrenheit) would you cook the meat at?

    12 questions remain
  • 2.

    Where does a ribeye primarily gets its flavor?

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  • 3.

    What is considered the leanest, healthiest of all the steaks?

    10 questions remain
  • 4.

    In relation to the muscle fibers, how are most steaks cut?

    9 questions remain
  • 5.

    What is a chuck steak?

    8 questions remain
  • 6.

    What does "mignon" mean in a filet mignon?

    7 questions remain
  • 7.

    Which cut of steak is closest to the rear of the animal?

    6 questions remain
  • 8.

    Which cut of beef is the most common source for hamburgers?

    5 questions remain
  • 9.

    What country did Kobe beef originate from?

    4 questions remain
  • 10.

    What does it mean to broil a cut of beef?

    3 questions remain
  • 11.

    Why does corned beef contain the word "corn?"

    2 questions remain
  • 12.

    What is Salisbury steak?

    1 questions remain
  • 13.

    Which of the following is the toughest cut of beef?

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